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­­­­High Performance Aging Fitness Online 


High Performance Aging (HPA) Fitness Online offers four different specialty classes or active people over 50 years old who want to reduce pain, get stronger, increase flexibility, improve balance and boost their energy without causing pain or injury… all from the comfort of their homes.


  • Posture & Flexibility for Joint Health- Upper Body: A gentle but powerful approach to improve your posture, loosen stiff upper body areas and retrain your movement mechanics to reduce pain, get stronger and protect your joints, especially the shoulders and spine


  • Posture & Flexibility for Joint Health- Lower Body: A gentle but powerful approach to improve your posture, loosen stiff lower body areas and retrain your movement mechanics to reduce pain, get stronger and protect your joints, especially the hips and knees

  • Renewed Strength: This program addresses age-related muscle loss and atrophy (also known as sarcopenia) by focusing on strength for upper body, lower body and core muscles. This is one of the three award-winning programs that Marni created and led at Osprey Village


  • Balance and Fall Prevention: This mind-body program includes static and dynamic balance movements and integrates Tai Chi movements and principles to improve your stability, fluidity and focus

*NOTE: Each specialized class category intelligently designed by our pain relief, mobility and fitness specialists to be safe and effective for most beginners, with progressions demonstrated advanced levels

*NOTE: Each unique training session within each specialized class category has a theme or focus, includes variations on previous exercises, and introduces new exercises so that your brain and body are continually and progressively challenged

Monthly Subscription Plan Options

All plans are month-to-month. When you purchase the first month, you will be enrolled in our monthly subscription program with automated monthly billing every 30 days. You can cancel, downgrade or upgrade your subscription at any time within three days of your next billing date.

BRONZE Plan: $49/month

Your choice of two live classes per week

SILVER Plan: $79/month

Your choice of four live classes per week 

GOLD Plan: $99/month

Unlimited access to all live classes plus sixteen pre-recorded sessions you can watch anytime

RECORDINGS Only Plan: $49/month

Access to sixteen recently recorded sessions each month, including four from each class.

Are you new to HPA Fitness Online? Try a 14-Day FREE Trial

If you have not yet experienced our programs for at least two weeks, let us know so you can receive two weeks of live classes and a sample playlist of our recordings.

How to Get Started

Email Zach at to start your subscription.


Email Zach at with your questions.

Testimonials for HPA Fitness Online

When I started exercising with HPA Fitness Online about six weeks ago I was dealing with bursitis in my outer hip. I could only walk about 2 miles before it would get more inflamed and start to hurt too much to continue. Now I’m totally pain-free and walking and hiking four miles per day with my husband. It’s wonderful! I also really enjoy the stretching for my upper body and shoulders. It just feels so good and I can tell it’s really helping! Thank you so much for offering this to us during a time when I can’t get to the gym. I’ve been able to get several of my friends to join since I started and they are loving it too. And I’ve got some more friends that I’m still trying to get on board!


-- Judy Levin, Newton, Massachusetts



Thank you for today.  Thanks to you, I have much better range of motion in my shoulders, both of which have blown rotator cuffs, I have better motion in my severely arthritic knee, and better motion in my severely arthritic (and once broken) back.  Still working on my injured hips.  (I am 66, with lots of leftovers from a variety of surgeries and injuries, including a serious car wreck 2 1/2 years ago, from which I have not really recovered.)  In an hour and 15 minutes, you helped me more than all my previous therapists and healthcare professionals. I thank you with all my heart.


-- Regi de Lacy, Durham, NC

I attended 4-5 sessions these last two weeks.  The remarkable thing is that I have suffered from severe sciatic/piriformis pain for the last six months and a course of PT didn’t help at all. However, after just the few sessions with you and Marni, I am able to walk  for a longer period without pain.  This after nearly being immobilized before the first two sessions! Today, I had a zoom meeting that cut across your sessions so I missed and still am feeling only a little pain when I stand for a long period of time, which feels like a miracle.  All this learning new stuff is good for our brains! Am telling everyone about my success working with your program.  Thank you so much for making this available.  I was referred by a friend who told me you are a real pro!

-- Tricia H.



In May 2019, I fractured my L2 vertebrae in a bad skydiving accident.  Zach’s High-Performance Aging classes are instrumental as part of my long-term recovery.  They help me regain my mobility and flexibility. His classes offer a different approach than other personal training I have taken through the years at my gym in that they are more holistically focused with the mind - body connections. I have been taking his classes now for 8 weeks. His, and his colleague's, classes are excellent.  I can see and feel the progression in my flexibility and mobility from my participation in the classes.  I am impressed with his commitment; emotionally and enthusiastically he is always present.  Always.  And that is contagious.  It makes it easy for me to commit as well. I look forward to what will be offered next.

-- Jim Jamieson, Albany, New York

In a confusing time of symptoms that could not successfully be addressed by other health professionals, I learned of Zach Comer’s practice in Asheville, NC where I was living. His attention to detail and his holistic approach of encouraging hope and patience as well as confidence and determination produced results. It is his caring attitude toward all and his skill that made it possible for me to walk again with stamina and resilience without surgery.

-- Sarah Larson, Alexandria, Virginia, Age 79

I usually have to take to my bed when the barometer drops to cope with the agony of joint pain, particularly in my shoulders.  I didn't have to yesterday.  And, this morning, for the first time in more than 2 years, I didn't wake up with at least one of my shoulders subluxed.  (I have gotten really good at reducing a dislocation on my own.)

-- RDL

I wanted to say that after yesterday’s session, my right Achilles discomfort was greatly diminished.  Thank you.

-- Jed Gilbeau, Asheville, NC

Thanks Zach, This morning's class was excellent.  I can see and feel the progression in my flexibility and mobility from my participation in the classes.  I am impressed with your commitment; emotionally and enthusiastically you are always present.  Always.  And that is contagious.  It makes it easy for me to commit as well. Your presence is infectious... I am now saying the word TENSION with your southern accent!  

-- James

Update - today, I got the butter dish out of the third shelf of my kitchen cabinet, thanks to your coaching of the serratus anterior exercise. I have had therapy for various parts of me since I was a teenager. Nothing compares with what you have been helping me do.   Loose ligaments (Eighler-Danlos) broken arm, broken ankles, non-specific knee injury, broken fingers and toes, two torn rotator cuffs, broken vertebra, torn knee meniscus surgery, neurological and other therapies after a closed head injury.  I am 66.  That's a LOT of crappy therapy over 40+ years.  I have never felt like I could feel better before,  Keep doing what you are doing! With all my chi,


-- Regi



Thank you very much. I talked to my Doctor and sang your praises, so well deserved, and told her that I am not having shoulder surgery any time soon. I told her that I am able to manage my pain much more successfully and that my mobility range and muscle strength have much improved after my almost three weeks of your exercises classes. I asked her to encourage  her to refer aging patients to you and forwarded all the information. I will do the same thing with my Orthopedist now. I wish I had thought about that earlier! 

Yesterdays class was really good! Thank you so much. I really feel a lot better! Last night I slept seven hours, uninterrupted. That is HUGE for me!! My weakest score in my Brain Health assessment test!


-- Reni Hamner, Asheville, NC


I am more limber, especially in my legs, and my pain level, which has stayed at about 8.5 for years, is down to around 4.  I can walk more naturally, without fear of falling, and it's only been three days! About 10 years ago, I spent 5 months walking on one leg on crutches after knee surgery, followed by a dislocated hip, then 4 months later, two 6 week periods walking on the other leg after 2 surgeries on the other ankle.  Changing insurance companies and cities had the result of me not getting proper therapy.  Since then, the other knee developed a popliteal cyst, and knee replacement surgery was recommended - which I have not done.  I have not been able to walk with alternate feet on stairs for 3 years.  A car wreck two and a half years ago left me with a year of dizziness which kept me from being able to do any exercise at all.  I wen from being an athlete to being able to walk only for about half an hour and not being able to stand for more than a few minutes. I am walking more freely, and feel much more stable when walking.  

-- Regina

The classes are great.  I’m so grateful to keep strength and mobility going while I can’t go to the gym with trainer Nick.  And I’m sure I’ve be visiting you live once we can be social again. My chronic neck pain has disappeared which I credit to your classes - I thought I was stuck with that indefinitely.  Great exercises for shoulders and thoracic area, which I need from years of bad posture. Thanks again,

-- Wayne Smith, Asheville, NC

The addition of Marni to the team is a good one.  She too is clearly an expert in her field(s) and her warmth and outgoing personality engaged everyone this morning.  I thoroughly enjoyed her session. And look forward to future ones.

Of course, I also enjoyed your class again too!  For me the benefits are immediately evident and now, after 3 weeks, I can feel the longer term effects as well. There is the obvious physiological benefit but for the solitary quarantined guy like me, I am also rewarded with a social connection that I feel translates for me into an emotional benefit as well. Thank you again.


-- JJ


Hey Zach! I just wanted to offer feedback as a rather young student of your first few joint class offerings. I am a dancer and have had problems in my left hip for almost two years that were exacerbated by rigorous dance training right before covid. I had gone to physiotherapy multiple times with moderate yet unlasting success. Your joint class has increased my mobility, flexibility, and alleviated almost all of my pain and discomfort in that area! I am doing the lower body joint exercises almost every day and the transformation is amazing!!! Thank you so much!!! Hugs,

-- Isabel Bowser, Asheville, NC

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