Medical Massage


If you're suffering from pain or loss of mobility and need immediate relief, then schedule a medical massage. We specialize in identifying and resolving root causes of chronic and hard-to-fix neck, back, shoulder and hip pains that haven't been resolved by other therapies

Alignment Program


Most chronic pain and joint degeneration are an unnecessary result of how you sit, stand, walk and move. This easy-to-learn program will teach you how to align and move so you can eliminate pain and preserve joint health without therapy exercises

Fitness Training

Zach created the High Performance Aging Fitness System, a small group personal training program to help Baby Boomers and mature adults get in shape, heal pain and injuries, and build a lifestyle of sustainable health and fitness

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Asheville Medical Massage is the Most Experienced Massage Team in Asheville
Voted Best of WNC Massage Therapy 2012-2018

Zach Comer

Zach has been helping people overcome physical pain and rejuvenate their health since 2004. He is a pain relief, fitness and nutrition expert who specializes in helping clients improve mobility, get stronger and stay active as they age.  

Zach is the co-author of the book High Performance Aging: The Over 50 Exercise Guide to Less Pain, More Energy and A Body You Can Rely On for LifeHe is the only massage therapist to be voted Best of WNC for Massage Therapy seven years in a row (2012-2018).

His unique skills and experience include advanced certifications as a Medical Massage Practitioner, Postural Alignment Specialist (Egoscue Method), Personal Trainer (NASM), Functional Aging Specialist (FAI), and Exercise Nutrition Coach (Precision Nutrition). 

Charlie Wright

We call Charlie "The Pain Detective", because he has a profound ability to find hidden and overlooked causes of muscle and joint pain. He's earned this title because he has a unique skillset and background that few others possess. 

Charlie has over 40 years experience and diverse training in the manual therapy and healing arts fields. He has studied with masters in the fields of Applied Kinsieology, Osteopathy, Chinese Medicine, and Structural Bodywork. He is the former Director of Athletic Training and Director of the Wellness Program at Warren Wilson College.


In a nutshell, Charlie is an expert at treating chronic and acute pain throughout the body, whether it be from an accident, sports injury, or stress-related issue.  

Marni Jennejahn

Marni has 25 years of experience helping others meet their health and fitness goals as personal trainer, group fitness instructor, wellness director and, more recently, as a health and nutrition coach.  


Before joining the our team, Marni was the Director of Wellness at a senior living community where her programs won several awards for innovation and effectiveness.  She also partnered with Wake Forest University to validate the effectiveness of her lower body strength training program for older adults.


Marni specializes in strength training for the core and whole body, Tai Chi, and Balance and Fall Prevention. She holds multiple health coaching certifications, including: Behavioral Change Specialist, Stress Management Education, and Fitness Nutrition Specialist.

Your Path from Feeling "Old and Achy" to Vibrant Wellbeing

At Asheville Medical Massage, over 80 years of combined experience helping clients get back to doing what they love has led us to a few core philosophies about how you can achieve your best health as you age:

Recognize Your Potential

Most body pains and other common problems in the 2nd half of life- such as declining energy, mobility, physical capacity, confidence and passion- are unnecessary and can be resolved if you focus on finding and creating solutions.

Be Honest with Yourself

If you're afraid your age, health history or current condition will stop you from overcoming pains and living a more passionate, creative and vibrant life, look more deeply at your lifestyle and hidden imbalances as the root causes.

Commit to Your Potential

Getting older can, and should, be fun. But if you’re over 45 and falling victim to the myth that “Getting old sucks”, make the decision to take charge of your health the highest level so you can age with grace, joy, confidence and beauty.

Learn, Grow, Get Support

The solutions you need are often simple, though not always easy: Be willing to grow, learn new self-care skills and surround yourself with the right support to help you identify overlooked problems and change key habits.

What Clients Are Saying
Pain Relief

"I was injured and had the very best orthos and PT in California but even after surgery I continued to have pain that they could not figure out. I moved here and in only four weeks under Zach's care I have experienced amazing improvement, remarkably less pain, and renewed hope. Zach is respectful, thoughtful, well educated, passionate and genuinely cares about his patients."

Sandy Scott, Age 67


"I used to think that pain was just a part of getting older. Now, not only am I no longer grouchy and tired at the end of the day from pain, I feel empowered to do something about how I feel. I understand my body more, move more fluidly than I have in years and no longer live in pain. I feel stronger, more attractive and empowered and much more confident in my body."

Emily McDaniel, Age 37


"Lower back pain brought me almost to a complete stop of physical activity. Zach helped me rebuild my posture and learn what it feels like to align my body when I am exercising, walking and standing. I'm back to training at 100% with no restrictions. To say Zach has helped me is an understatement... He empowered me. My only regret was that I didn’t see him sooner!"

Will Gay, Age 50


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