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Are You Feeling Stronger, Healthier and Happier Now Than When Your "Shelter-at-Home" Life Began?


If Not, Then This Is For You...

21-Day New You Program:

Emerge from the Pandemic Healthier Than Before

The new mission of our team of wellness experts at Asheville Medical Massage and High Performance Aging is to help you to emerge from the pandemic healthier than before it started. 


So we’ve spent the last six weeks creating a brand-new program that’s designed as a specific response to the ways in which the “Covid-19 Lifestyle” may be weakening your health and well-being.


This program is designed to help you in one or more of the following ways:

  • Strengthen your immune system

  • Boost your brain health

  • Reduce your anxiety and uplift your mood

  • Strengthen your body and improve your joint health

  • Increase your energy

  • Build and deepen your connection with others while we’re under social distancing guidelines



How it works

Start Date: Open enrollment from April 29-May 9

End Date: May 30

We will support you in identifying at least ONE effective, sustainable, healthy behavior in one or more of these four Core Domains of Health:

  1. Brain Health

  2. Body/Exercise

  3. Heart/Spirit

  4. Energy/Rejuvenation

What You’ll Do

  1. Take our Brain Health and Personal Wellness assessments (it takes less than 15 minutes)

  2. With our help, choose a Core Domain of Health and a supportive action/behavior to focus on

  3. Record your progress for 21 days and assign one point for each day you did your action

  4. Qualify for Rewards and Prizes based on the total number of points you earned

  5. Use our support as much as you need and want to help you stay on track

Receive Special Access to Special Content and as Much Coaching Support as You Need

Use our daily group coaching support calls (Monday-Friday) whenever needed to help you create your wellness plan and refine it along the way. Also enjoy special presentations on the four Core Domains of Health listed above. 

Rewards and Prizes

You’ll be eligible for various rewards and prizes throughout the program that range in value from $95-$250. These include gift certificates for medical massage, fitness training sessions, and 1-on-1 health coaching sessions.

Price and Value

Because of the unique circumstances, we're offering “Pay What You Can Afford” options to make this accessible to everyone who could use some support right now. The actual retail price is $199. Pricing tiers range from $1-$199. At each higher tier you receive an additional bonus added to your purchase, such as a free month of online fitness training or a massage gift certificate.

What’s the actual value? When you add up the number of coaching sessions available to you, plus all of the additional support, during the pre-Covid-19 days it would have cost about $1,719 for a program like this if we were offering it in-house. In other words, this is an unbelievable opportunity and a deal that won't happen again.

SPECIAL BONUS: One Month FREE of HPA Fitness Online

If you purchase at the $99 tier or above, you’ll receive one free month of High Performance Aging (HPA) Fitness Online. This includes up to two live classes most weekdays and recordings of training sessions you can watch anytime. Classes offered include:

  • Renewed Strength

  • Posture & Flexibility for Joint Health

  • Balance & Fall Prevention

For More Information:

If you're on a mobile device and you can't read full description using the link above , then CLICK HERE.


To Purchase:

More Questions? Email Zach at or call 828-776-1392

Meet the 21-Day "New You” Wellness Team


Zach Comer- Functional Aging Specialist, Co-Author of High Performance Aging: The Over 50 Exercise Guide to Less Pain, More Energy and A Body You Can Rely On for Life, creator of the High Performance Aging Fitness Program, Certified Brain Health Fitness Trainer 15 years as a Pain Relief & Mobility Therapist and Owner of Asheville Medical Massage

Marni Jennejahn- 24 years combined as a Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor and Health Coach, Award-Winning Director of Wellness at Osprey Village Senior Living Community, certified in Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi.


Whitney Madden- Owner of BrainWise, which educates acupuncturists and healthcare practitioners on how to integrate ancient wisdom and cutting-edge scientific discoveries; Certified Brain Health Coach (Amen Clinics), 20 years as an Acupuncturist.


Charlie Wright- former Director of Wellness at Warren Wilson College, over 40 years of experience as a pain relief therapist across multiple healthcare traditions, including Osteopathy, Applied Kinesiology, Chiropractic, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Structural Bodywork… aka “The Pain Detective”.

Jeffrey Rich- Medical Massage Practitioner, Author, Speaker, and Educator in the healing arts with over 20 years and 3,200+ hours of study and experience, was lead teacher at two massage schools, designed the master curriculum for one massage school, and has led dozens of workshops in the healing arts.

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