Is muscle and joint pain interfering with your life and disrupting your well-being?

If you answered YES, then we should talk.

Are you frustrated because you’re still in pain even though you’ve tried everything that’s been recommended to you?

If you answered YES, then we should definitely talk.

I help people with stubborn and hard to fix pain problems finally get back to living life on their terms. And that means they return to a life of little or no pain, with more freedom of movement and increased confidence in their bodies.

Here are some of the most common problems that I help people with every week:

  • Low back pain (in it’s many forms, such as herniated discs, degenerative disc disease, etc.)
  • Sciatica
  • Hip problems
  • Stiff, sore neck and shoulders
  • Bad knees
  • Weak Ankles and painful feet

And most of my clients have tried many other therapies first, with little or no lasting success.

What about you? Which of these other pain relief methods have you tried?

Pain pill after pain pill


Physical therapy

Steroid injections


Traditional massage therapy

If you have tried any of these other therapies and are still in pain, then please read what my happy clients- folks who were hurting just like you, many of whom had tried all sorts of other treatments- have to say– scroll down to read some of the notes delighted clients have sent me.

About Me

My name is Zach Comer, and I’ve been helping people relieve their pain, heal their bodies and return to fuller, more active lives since 2004. I’m the only massage therapist in Asheville (or WNC) certified in medical massage by LMT Success Group. I’m also one of only four people in Asheville (or WNC) certified as a Postural Alignment Specialist (PAS) by the Egoscue University, known globally as a leading educator in the field of exercise-based pain relief methods.

That means I’m the only bodyworker in Western North Carolina certified in both of these incredibly effective methods for pain relief and healing. To understand why this is so important, click here.

My combination of experience and advanced training allow me to offer you unique, personalized solutions for pain relief and healing that you can’t find anywhere else in Western North Carolina. The results that I’ve been able to produce for my clients  led to me being voted the Best Massage Therapist in the Best of WNC poll in 2012 and 2013.

If you’re in pain despite your attempts to get better and would like to talk with me about about your condition and how I can help you, you can give me a call right now at 828-776-1392. If I don’t answer and it’s during business hours, I’m probably with another client so just leave a message and I’ll call you back as soon as I can.

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What Former Chronic Pain Sufferers Are Saying

Avoids Shoulder Surgery

“Being in the construction business, I need my body to perform at its best. After a shoulder injury, it did not. Zach was able to work with me on my torn shoulder muscle and helped heal it while avoiding my other option of surgery. I am now out of pain with all thanks to Zach Comer.”

– John Shepherd, Construction Business Owner, Asheville, NC

“Zach Comer Has Changed My Life!”

“Zach Comer has changed my life! I have been trying to cope with chronic, severe hip pain for 10 years. During that time, I have seen several physicians, specialists and physical therapists. Nothing helped and the pain became worse. I was at the point that I could not walk further than 100 yards without severe pain that would last weeks. The change since seeing Zach has been incredible! I very seldom have pain and am able to walk in comfort.”

– Faye, Registered Nurse, Asheville, NC

“If it hadn’t been me, I wouldn’t have believed it!”

“The Egoscue exercises seem to come as close to magic as I can imagine. When I first came to you, I daily had to walk up and down stairs that hurt my knees… To my utter amazement, after doing the first exercises you prescribed, I was able to go up and down the stairs like a normal person….one foot after the other. I didn’t need to help myself up the stairs by ‘pulling’ on the hand rails. If it hadn’t been me, I wouldn’t have believed it. But, in fact, it was ‘me’— doing what I hadn’t been able to do without pain for such long time. I am deeply grateful. Thank you so much. I am deeply grateful.”

– Johanna Logan Cooper, Retired, Arden, NC

“A Godsend!”

“Zach… I am SO excited! My shoulder is better already! I can feel the difference… and I have no discomfort in my low back, either! I’m hooked! Thank you so much for all your help! You are a Godsend to me!”

– Mary O’Shannon, Asheville, NC

Heals Back From Herniated Disc, Avoids Surgery

“In late 2007, after several months of pain in my lower back and numbness in my lower leg which made walking, standing, driving, even sleeping, difficult and painful, my neurosurgeon recommended surgery for a herniated disk. Determined to avoid surgery, I sought help from Zach Comer. He developed a comprehensive regimen of exercises and massage therapy. After about three sessions, this exercise therapy began to have a positive result, and after six weeks, all pain was absent. I commend him as an extraordinary professional.”

– RS, Public Relations Consultant, Asheville, NC

Pain-Free for the First Time in Years!

“As the result of an injury, I had significant leg, hip and back pain. Working with Zach and the Egoscue exercises… I’ve gone weeks without any pain for the first time in several years. I particularly appreciate that I now have the tools to use when some pain comes back. I feel more in control and that’s exciting!”

– Ann V., Asheville, NC

After 14 years of other therapists, says “Zach ranks #1 in relief of my pain”

“I have been seeing LMT’s for over 14 yrs for low back, buttocks, and leg pain. Zach ranks #1 in relief of my pain and symptoms. He has gone beyond any other therapist in researching different massage techniques, exercises and stretches that for the first time in 14 yrs has given me relief.”

– Kevin Hollifield, MSN, CRNA, Spruce Pine, NC

Years of Sciatic Pain Gone

“I have seen a long-standing sciatic pain issue essentially disappear while working with him. I highly recommend Zach to anyone considering massage for therapeutic or relaxation purposes. Asheville is very lucky to have him here.”

– Debbie S., Librarian, Asheville, NC

Years of Migraines Gone

“Ever since receiving a massage from Zach, the migraines I have suffered since youth have been eliminated and I’m more motivated to exercise and lose weight.”

– Chris Martin, School Teacher, Asheville, NC

No More Chronic Neck and Shoulder Pain

“Zach’s his understanding of trigger point therapy has greatly helped me recover from chronic neck and shoulder pain issues. Zach understands that to achieve maximum potential, it is important that the mind body and spirit are all well. His calm demeanor treats the whole person, not just one part.”

– Carol E. Pennell, Real Estate Agent, Asheville, NC


“When I met Zach, my shoulder was constantly in pain. I had given up jogging because I couldn’t stand the bouncing. Even laying on Zach’s massage table the first visit almost brought me to tears, the pain was so overwhelming. Now, thanks to Zach, I’ve been pain free for more than four months! He’s incredible. Not only is he the best educated massage therapist I know, he is extremely involved in each client’s wellbeing.”

– Illysa Hamlin, Asheville, NC

Horrible Pain Vanishes Instantly

“Zach, I want you to know that I feel magnificent! These postural exercises are just amazing! I had a performance recently with guitar and the pain afterwards was horrible. I did all of the exercises and… it was better than a pill, it was better than chiropractic, because it was gone! It was just gone! I will be your poster child on this one!”

– M. King Goslin, Professional Musician, Arden, NC

First session brings more relief than months of Physical Therapy

“My first session with Zach brought more relief to my lower back than more than a dozen physical therapy sessions combined. Subsequent sessions with Zach have continued to improve this specific area and helped greatly in restoring my overall sense of well being. I highly recommend Zach Comer’s professional massage services.”

– Chandler W. Gordon, Bookstore Owner, Asheville, NC

I thought I had arthritis… now I have no problem!

“Hi Zach, as you know, my hips and leg were hurting and I thought I was getting arthritis. The exercises and massage stopped this and I have not had a problem since. I also have discovered the right exercise to stop my shin splints. This program is a great tool to have!”

– Diane Dennis, Hendersonville, NC

Back in Action at Work and Play

“My experience with Zach has relieved great pain in my back and shoulder. I can now endure long hours of leaning over papers and writing notes for lectures. I also found improvement in my skills kayaking and hiking as my shoulders and back were not a distraction during activity. I would highly recommend his therapy to anyone with chronic pain. I highly recommend him for massage therapy.”

– Sara Martin, Biology Instructor Haywood Community College, Canton, NC

Nightly Back Pain Begins Disappearing Within Days

“Zach, thanks so much for showing me those three simple pain relief exercises! Before, I had pain and tightness in my back almost every night. Now it’s so much better… I can’t wait to get started on your full program and become totally pain free! I’m already a believer!”

– Marta Alcala-Williams, Personal Trainer, Asheville, NC

“The program works!”

“When Zach Comer suggested I perform at series of Egoscue exercises for chronic mid and lower back pain, I eagerly took his advice. Zach put together a unique daily routine just for based solely on my unique aches and pains. And the program works! The stretches and exercises have significantly lessened my pain and at the same time improved my posture. It is time well spent each day.”

– Steve Elliot, IT Specialist, Arden, NC

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If you’d like to speak with me first, you can me a call right now at 828-776-1392.